The City of Calgary

Calgary Alberta is a Canadian city located in the western province of Alberta. The confluence of the Elbow and Bow Rivers is where the city is located, near foothills and prairie, just about 80 miles east of the Canadian Rocky Mountain.

The population of the metro area of Calgary of 2011 was 1,214,839 which makes Calgary the fifth largest city in Canada. It is a good sized, and well-diversified city, having industries in tourism, health and wellness, aerospace, retail, financial services, manufacturing technology, transportation and television and film. In 1988, the city was the first Canadian city to have the privilege of hosting the Winter Olympic Games.

Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the area was occupied by indigenous people, namely the Blackfoot, Blood, Tsuu T’ina and the Peigan, all First Nation people which were all a part of the Blackfoot confederacy. In 1875, the area became a post for the North-West Mounted Police to protect the area from US whisky traders and to protect the fur trade.

The original name was Fort Brisebois and was renamed Fort Calgary in 1876. The Canadian Pacific Railway came along and reached the area in 1883 and that was what really sparked the growth of the area. The town of Calgary was incorporated in 1894 in the area then called the “Northwest Territories”.

The posts established by the Hudson Bay Company along various rivers and strategic locations later became the cities of Winnipeg and Edmonton. Between 1896 and 1914 there were settlers from all over the world who took advantage of free homestead opportunity to get land and build a life.

The local economy quickly became centered around ranching and agriculture and thus the future economy was shaped in these areas for many years to come.

In 1902, oil was discovered in the area but did not appreciably become that much of a factor until 1947 until vast reserves were discovered near Leduc. The population grew rapidly by 272,000 between 1971 and 1989.

Today, Calgary Alberta is a thriving modern city which has diversified its economy from just the oil based one that brought Calgary into the modern age. The downtown area is full of modern skyscrapers and the quality of life in the area is one of the best in Canada.

Today the city is a modern corporate headquarters and a power centre for many multinational businesses. and small local businesses like our friends Celtic HVAC/R who specializes in furnace repair. There is a very high percentage of workers who are employed in white collar professions and jobs. The economy of the area is well-diversified with a good cross section of entrepreneurial businesses and more regional headquarters of various corporations such as Dow Chemical, Nexen, the Canadian Pacific Railroad, Westfair Foods, Canada Safeway Ltd., Shaw Communications and other main offices of companies.

The cultural life and living conditions in Calgary are very good with various museums, arts facilities and a festive and robust restaurant and entertainment emphasis.

Overall, if the general population of Calgary were to be polled, the result would be a general high satisfaction of the living conditions of the area.

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